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Can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor

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KA kaismama 19 Apr Do you have any clinics in your area? Can you get medicaid?

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If you are out of BP meds and can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor your BP is high, the fastest way to get help is go to the er and tell them you think your bp is up because you’re out of meds and why, Can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor. Someone should help you with a script there. If the hospital takes any federal funds they can’t turn you down because of inability to pay. You have got to treat your bp or you’ll stroke and end up admitted to the hospital. Maybe they can help you find help. Once you get a prescription you can call the manufacturer or visit them online and see what program s they have to help you either get the medication for free or very low cost.

The county health centers will probably have similar programs. FR franklin8905 20 Apr I am really surprised that your doctor won’t work can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor you. Most doctors will see you at a discount rate or will let you pay over time. Have you talked to the staff at your doctor’s office? Have you talked to your doctor about samples and maybe a script to hold you over until you can arrange another physician? Most docs will at least do these things to hold you over. Have you seen your old doctor in the past year?

Can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor

If it has been longer than a year they may hold out and demand that you see the physician before writting a new script. Please call them if you haven’t and explain the situation. At the same time as the other responents have mentioned look for community support.

Your old doctor also help you will this. UN unemployed4years 12 May Don’t be surprised. God forbid you cant pay your bill or they drop you. If your in the Dead zone 62-65 years old Its a nightmare. I need 5 scripts every month and have skin cancer.

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They office staffs look at you like your a can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor disease. If you dont have a regular Dr. LI Lissa99a 12 Mar When you find out let me know. I ran out of blood pressure meds. Pharmacy said dr office told them no refill, I had to get an appt. They say they don’t even know if they can see me because it’s been over a year. So I have a potentially deadly problem but you can’t see me?

I’ve moved anyway so I decide to find some place closer.

The rules in my office are as follows: * I do not refill any prescriptions if I have not seen the patient for 6 months. Situations change. Conditions change. New treatments may be available. Any medication used chronically needs some sort of mo.

They tell me they can’t see me until they get my records. I got my records sent, but since it’s been over a year they won’t schedule me either. I work every day until 4pm. I’m debating going to the urgent care tomorrow on my day off.

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I can feel the pressure when I bend down, lay down, behind my eyes. It’s not a joke. It might Medicare. What am I going to do HE healthy Christina 25 Oct Talk to your doctor office and see if you qualify for help through one of the pharmaceutical program out there.

Can You Get Atenolol Without Seeing A Doctor

Some pharmaceutical companies will provide discount cards for their medication and some if you qualify will provide them for free depending on the medication and the company. Your doctor office should know how to get application or discount cards. Can y’all help me? Curtis Davis 10 Apr 2019 Help needs meds and no prescription.