I do not think you can compare them other than that they both

canada goose clearance sale It was pretty annoying to write on in “normal” laptop config too.It like one of these overengineered prototype devices that all big companies keep in their labors but never make it into an actual product because producing something this complex in large scale quantities often runs into problems yet they somehow managed (with mixed results)The bulky hinge and limited lid opening angle are both deliberate design choices to avoid the laptop fall over and thus compensate the heavyweight design. Both were Core i5 7th gen, 8gb and 256gb.I do not think you can compare them other than that they both run Windows 10.With the SP2017 I had issues with typing, the keyboard on the SB2 is superior in my humble opinion.I found the SP slower, most likely it was throttling, but internet and ssd access was slower.The SP is lighter, more portable and less expensive, it is a tablet that you can use like a laptopThe SB2 is of course heavier, but if you undock it the screen is actually light and is a good tablet, it does not have a separate stand so you will either have to hold it, lay it flat on a surface or keep it attached to the keyboard.It is easy to flip it around but you will get a very heavy tablet, I would only recommend it on a sturdy table. The rubber strips on the base might get slippery over time mine almost fell off a table when someone bumped into it.There are some other pens in the market but if you look at the YouTube channel Mobile Tech Review you will see that Lisa is testing out a lot of different pens over the years and for use on these devices I would get the Surface Pen Pro (latest model).You can take notes on the SB fine, and even use it without the keyboard which I’ve found myself doing was more than I thought I Extra resources would. canada goose clearance sale

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Canada Goose sale Dumbarton voted to affirm gay worshipers more than 30 years ago, and the church has performed 20 same sex marriages since 2010, breaking the rules of the denomination every time. Now such actions will be met with much harsher penalties.Related: The United Methodist Church votes to maintain its opposition to gay marriage, gay clergy”I will not comply with unjust rules,” Totty said. “At this point, all possibilities are on the table for consideration, whether that’s affiliating with another denomination, starting a new Methodist denomination, or remaining in this denomination and continuing to work for justice.”The meeting in St. Canada Goose sale

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uk canada goose For more than a century, the work black women have done in their own defense has benefited all of us. Dream Hampton, Kenyette canada goose clearance sale Tisha Barnes, Oronike Odeleye and Kim Foxx have done more than re center the conversation on the most vulnerable and least protected among us. canada goose expedition parka uk In helping to secure the indictment of a man who has long been a symbol of impunity, they’ve helped send a clear message that no man is above the law uk canada goose.