Same goes for unvaccinated children a lot of the time

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canada goose clearance sale We used canada goose leeds uk to believe fever fried canada goose accessories uk your brain, but that’s just not the case.Children below 3 months of age should be seen and evaluated for ANY fever but canada goose outlet vancouver that has everything canada goose langford parka black friday to do with the immaturity of the immune system and nothing to do with fever being inherently damaging. Same goes for unvaccinated children a lot of the time, because their risk of serious bacterial infections as with infants is much higher.Fbrile seizures in children are definitely a real thing. But we now know that treating fever doesn’t prevent febrile seizures since the seizure seems to have more to do with the rate of temperature rise than it does with the actual temperature reached.What’s worrisome about fever is not fever itself. canada goose clearance sale

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