So unless you have kept up on this mass of technological

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If pan anarchism is supportive of a state or monetary system I can say I in board with either idea. They drive an individualistic ideology that is perversive in everything we do, including capitalism. You instead are demanding that I summarize it all in a buy canada goose jacket cheap reddit comment.

Our homes are made out of petroleum. I will rephrase and say renewable material.

Once canada goose outlet black friday again, if you spent some canada goose outlet nyc Canada Goose Coats On Sale time pursuing the education I have provided you would understand how community workshops and such would function under this system.

I work in/go to school for outdoor education in Alaska, I am well aware of how canada goose outlet online uk to do these things.

You generation has been crushed, and they refuse to acknowledge the new technology that will change we live. Instead they demand a return to the old ways, which were pretty shitty for a lot of people. Once again this isn all of them, but the ones that effect our ruling/political class, which effects the rest of us.

Imagine if you lived a 100% communal lifestyle, and sure maybe theres a few downsides but no one is dying in the uk canada goose streets, and everyone has food. Now buy canada goose jacket imagine someone proposed capitalism to you. Don you think you would have some questions about the gaps uk canada goose outlet that it leaves? These gaps obviously exist or we wouldn be in a situation like now where the wealth gap is so large, and even worse internationally. We wouldn have whites/blacks etc pinned against each other even though they are negatively effected by the same capitalist system. A political system doesn have to answer every question, and anarchy/direct democracy allows the individuals effected to determine the best course of action.

From my perception it seems that information used to travel slower in human society. This meant canada goose outlet jackets that you learned a few things to improve your canada goose outlet parka life, and then were offered a few more. Then you chilled with your kids and died. For the past 30 or so years as we entered the information age we have been finding ways to improve/tweak life both negatively and positively constantly. So unless you have kept up on this mass of technological advancement over this time period you are behind. My family that is older than me is behind, and the kids younger than I (20,s) seem to be able to process information faster because they have done it for their whole canada goose outlet online lives. I have a few hundred books on a canada goose bookshelf alongside my roommates, and we have roughly 1,000 canada goose outlet sale books on a hard drive. This is more information canada goose coats on sale than many humans ever had access to, and this canada goose outlet store uk is common place in the circles I run in. A mix of non fiction and fiction. White culture likes canada goose factory outlet to canada goose outlet think of things individually and not as interwoven mat. It will be Canada Goose online accomplished by official canada goose outlet organizing at community levels, all the way down to the homeless.

If you look to the black panthers they ran community centers with child care, food etc. This could now be accomplished, but the building could have off the grid electric and many other technological advancements to further disconnect the community from the monetary system. The solution is a resource based economy, not one based on loans given out by bank canada goose outlet reviews (federal reserve, world Bank).