They tell you whether a structure is suitable for re entry

After an emergency

Taking care canada goose outlet of yourself and your family

Fear, stress and anxiety are natural reactions to a traumatic Canada Goose Online event. Eventually, these feelings will canada goose outlet uk sale diminish and, for most people, completely subside. To canada goose uk shop help yourself and your loved ones:

Get physical activity, but rest as needed, eat well, hydrate and keep a manageable scheduleWhat can I expect when I return

Your home and its surroundings may not look like they did before you left. As you arrive, it’s important to obey all signage and understand Damage Assessment Placards. Damage Assessment Placards are notices that the local government places on buildings within canada goose outlet new york city the damaged area. They tell you whether a structure is suitable for re entry, if access is restricted or if it is unsafe to enter. Visit BC Housing for more information on placards. If you canada goose outlet black friday can only enter your home once, remove canada goose outlet online your valuables and take steps to secure your property. If you’re safely able to return for longer:

Bring supplies like a flashlight, tools, drinking water, gloves, garbage bags and a first aid kit.

Walk around canada goose outlet jackets the perimeter of any structure before entering, noting electrical wiring, any gas smell or debris that could fall, and photographing damage.

Enter with caution and check that the main power breaker is off.

Only use generators outdoors; do not connect to a household circuit.

Note sewage and water damage; your septic system or sump pump canada goose outlet sale may not work without power and water may not be potable (that is, may not be safe to consume).

Do not use your sewage disposal system canada goose outlet online uk unless canada goose you know it’s capable canada goose outlet reviews of handling waste.

If using propane, gas or heating oil, contact suppliers for inspection and service. Obtain bottled water, or boil or disinfect tap water with tablets (or chlorine bleach for non drinking needs). If you are on Canada Goose Parka a well or cistern and it has been damaged, assume the water is not safe to drink. Food can be damaged by unsafe temperatures, smoke, ash, uk canada goose soot, fire retardant chemicals, water and canada goose outlet shop loss of power during a fire. Discard food that is spoiled, Canada Goose online as well as food that has been stored in a refrigerator that has lost power, even if the power has since canada goose black friday sale been restored. If you are going to clean your residence yourself:

Wear gloves and goggles, keep children and pets away, and ventilate the area you’re canada goose outlet store uk cleaning well.

Smoke odours can last Canada Goose Outlet a long time, and you may need to clean everything several times.

Vacuum all surfaces, change heating and canada goose clearance air conditioning filters, and have ducts cleaned.

Soot/smoke can be removed from painted walls with trisodium phosphate, but wallpaper may not be salvageable.