You’re in for some fascinating action

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They’d be remembered because of their intense atmosphere and nail biting action sequences. Give it a chance. You’re in for some fascinating action.. He talks inspirational, but hasn’t done much governing other than a moderate voting record. And he doesn’t exactly adopt any of the explicit policies of the progressive left. Sometimes that’s not bad, like with Obama, people are motivated to vote and inspired to affect change moreso by rhetoric than detailed policy.

If you can pass L2, you probably have what it takes to pass L3, but you not home free.(I took very different approaches to studying for L2 and L3, so I can even really say which was harder for me. I worked a lot harder on L2 but the material was more “natural” to me though. I guess from an “effort in vs results” perspective, I found L3 easier, but that was also the only exam I walked out of thinking there was a good chance I failed.)(edit: if you put a gun to my head I would probably ask you not to shoot me first.